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Just a dream

recently, I like to watch Korean variety show,,,

not only Running man and Family outing,,,

but also Strong heart,,

I do really like this variety show,,

it tells us about the guest who would like to share their experience about life,,,

I already finished to watch episode that Nickhun was the guest,,,

I like Him,,,

I mean like him as a star,,,

I don’t know why,but he really moves me,,,

and it makes me like,,,uhmm,,,

I dont know how to say,,,

maybe wanna be his best friend or wanna be one of his people that he knows,,,

that’s why recently I often send him a twit,,,

like “try to listen to this song,hope you enjoy” and so on,,,

I’m not stalker or psychopath,,,

no I’m not,,,

I just really admire him,,,

really wanna be his friend,,,

not only Nickhun but also all of the member running man,,,

I like all of them,,,

I do have a dream,,,

how about if one day I’ll be one of Nickhun best friend,,,

or how about If me being one of the guest on running man,,,

eat together,laugh together and even play together,,,

I love to sing a lot,,,

and I do wanna be part of Korea,,,

sing my song  in front all of Korean citizen,,,

speak Korean to them and make them listen to my voice,,,

I do love Korea as much as my country,,,

yeah,,,one day,,,

one day I’ll be part of Korea,,,

will see Nickhun and running man member,,,

call me Idiot or call me countrified,,,

it doesn’t matter,,,

because lemme tell ya,,,

at least I have a dream for me to achieve,,,

how about you???

do you have one??

good night,,,:) 🙂  



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